The Historic St. Cloud Hotel

The Hotel St. Cloud is working toward reclaiming its place as the keystone to Historic downtown Cañon City. The Foundation managing the renovation is accepting pledged donations from the community to assist in their efforts.


  • Originally built at this location in 1890, the Hotel St. Cloud is one of the oldest hotels still standing in the State of Colorado.  Originally constructed in nearby Silver Cliff in 1878-1879, when the silver industry busted, the owner dismantled the hotel and shipped the materials to Canon City, where it was constructed at its current location at 6th and Main.
  • It is a contributing building to the National Register “Canon City Downtown Historic District”.
  • Excellent example of the Second Empire style
  • Elevator added in 1892 – the first in Canon City.
  • Bar and billiard room added in 1892.
  • Offices of the Cripple Creek Stage, Mail and Express Company were located in the building.
  • Decreed a “first class hotel” by the local paper, the Hotel St. Cloud became a popular destination for those visitors who came to Canon City to partake of the healing waters of the natural springs nearby.
  • Served as a home away from home for the rich movie-making industry of Canon City’s history.  Tom Mix is among the silent film stars who graced the guest registry. 
  • At one time, was operated by the first female business owner on Main Street
  • The Future of Yesterday Foundation, stewards of the building, obtained its 501(c)3 status from the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Colorado.

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Status Updates




Teenagers learn about promoting historical preservation

By Sara Knuth

The Daily Record

As 50 students filed into the historic St. Cloud Hotel on Wednesday, cellphones started snapping photos of the first elevator in Fremont County, intricate ceilings, an old check-in desk — and all the signs of an ongoing restoration.

If those photos make it onto social media with a link to the hotel's GoFundMe fundraiser website, that's OK with James Characky.




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Things look virtually silent on the outside, but lots of things are happening beneath, above and inside the historic Hotel St. Cloud.




So during all of the Canon City Music and Blossom Festival festivities one of the huge windows @hotelstcloud was broken on Saturday night. Not only did the guy break our window he also broke our new TV that we just replaced so that the front of the building would look perfect for our community. We are heart broken. If anyone knows who did this or would like to help us fix it please contact me at or visit




Mama Owl spotted at the Hotel St. Cloud.  So majestic!  Check out her eggs at Hotel St. Cloud!




We had another damaged window at the Hotel St. Cloud! Replacement cost is estimated at $300 to $350. Vice President Jimmy Characky along with volunteer Michael Mahoney responded to the call from the alarm company and went to local hardware store to purchase wood to board up the window. We need your help to restore this historic building and keep it safe!





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